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Banana is your way to overcome thinness and gain weight safely.. Know its benefits

Banana is a fruit rich in important vitamins and minerals, and it is one of the fruits that may be used in losing weight and also in gaining weight, depending on the amount you eat, the more calories you eat, the greater the chance of weight gain.

Bananas contain large amounts of dietary fiber, calories, and vitamins such as vitamin B, calcium and other important minerals.


According to a report published on the Dr health benefits website, eating bananas helps you to overcome thinness and gain weight if you are thin. Eating one large banana can cover 10% of the calories you need, so just eating 6-9 bananas a day can give you calories enough to gain weight.



The report identified some factors that make eating bananas a good option to overcome thinness:

1. Regulating blood circulation

Gaining weight can also be difficult for some people, and to reach the ideal weight, you need healthy red blood cells to promote a healthy metabolism of the body, so bananas can help regulate blood circulation which can lead to optimal production of red blood cells, which helps you To gain weight and maintain your weight in an ideal stage.

2. A good source of potassium

Bananas contain potassium needed to develop stronger, healthier muscles to support your body when it gains weight. One medium-sized banana can cover about 12% of your daily potassium intake.

3. Promote the health of the nervous system

The nervous system plays an important role in improving your performance as well, and bananas are full of vitamins, especially minerals such as iron, zinc, manganese and potassium, which are important for your nervous system to support your ideal body and overcome thinness.

4. Increases metabolism

A healthy metabolism targets optimal nutrient absorption, and bananas can help you reach your ideal weight but at the same time keep you healthy.

5. Rich source of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the main pathway for glucose that is converted by insulin into energy or glycogen, so excessive storage of fat may lead to weight gain, but since bananas are also beneficial for weight loss, they will help you maintain your weight in an ideal phase.