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Central Bank of Afghanistan: Transfers are made in local currency only

The Central Bank of Afghanistan, in a new directive, confirmed that those who transfer money to Afghanistan should only conduct their transactions in the local currency - the Afghani -.

Sources in the bank said, according to the Afghan Khama Press Agency, on Sunday, that based on the new directives, all private banks are prohibited from receiving funds in any other currency including dollars.

The agency indicated that those who transferred dollars before the issuance of this directive can obtain dollar transfers.

The sources indicated that the decision was taken so that the Central Bank of Afghanistan can provide a sufficient amount of US dollars, the number of which is currently decreasing.

Under the new directive, if people transfer money in any other currency, the recipient will only be given the local currency in Afghanistan.

Banking in Afghanistan has become one of the most difficult tasks in this country as the number of dollars a person can get is only $200 a week.

Hundreds of people are still queuing at the bank gates to withdraw money.