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Information you do not know about Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati

The Presidential Palace of Baabda in Lebanon announced today, the formation of a new government of 24 members, including Gorouj Kordahi as Minister of Information. from his position.

Who is Najib Mikati?

Najib Mikati is the richest businessman in Lebanon and one of the richest people in the Middle East, with a fortune of $2.7 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

Mikati is a member of the Board of Trustees of the American University of Beirut and the advisory board of Harris College at the University of Chicago, in addition to his membership in the advisory board of the International Crisis Group, and the presidency of the Middle East Foresight Forum.

Born in the city of Tripoli in 1955, one of the poorest cities in northern Lebanon, Mikati does not come from a long-established family that is influential in Lebanese politics, which makes him a consensual candidate par excellence.

He studied in France and Harvard University in the United States.

He established his company in the field of telecommunications during the civil war in Lebanon, then founded the M1 Group in 2007, which owns and manages various investments. The most recent of which was its purchase, this month, of the operating stake of the Norwegian telecom operator Telenor in Myanmar for $105 million.

He entered the political battlefield in the nineties, where he took the portfolio of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport in three successive governments between 1998 and 2004.

He was elected in 2000 as a representative of the city of Tripoli until 2005, then he was re-elected in 2009 as a representative of the Tripoli district.

In 2005, he was assigned the position of interim prime minister for a period of only three months, after the assassination of Rafik Hariri.

He was reappointed prime minister in 2011 and resigned in 2013.

He assumed the position of Prime Minister in charge of forming the new Lebanese government, which has been facing obstacles in forming since last August. In his first statement from the Baabda Republican Palace, Mikati said, “I look forward to the people’s trust, because alone I do not have a magic wand, and I cannot do wonders, nor do oppositions.” .