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"Libyan Presidential": Libya is witnessing a pivotal and fateful stage with the approach of elections

 The President of the Libyan Presidential Council, Muhammad Al-Manfa, said that Libya is witnessing a pivotal and fateful stage with the approaching date set for holding elections next December, pointing out that there are two paths: either success towards democratic transition through holding free, fair, transparent and acceptable elections, and then moving towards permanent stability and prosperity. , or failure and return to the square of division and armed conflict.


And the Libyan News Agency (WAL) stated that this came during his speech before the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, which dealt with the Libyan position and policy towards many local, regional and international issues and issues. The international community to assume its responsibilities to support the ongoing efforts in this regard, as it is among the important challenges that contribute to the conduct of elections in a safe, free, fair and inclusive manner.


The exile announced the launch of a call that includes a number of elements and steps to preserve the political process, and to avoid the country from entering into the complexities of a new crisis, noting that the call is based on a meeting of the concerned parties represented by the leaders of the relevant political and military institutions, to facilitate reaching consensus on effective guarantees to maintain the process. and holding safe, transparent, fair and acceptable elections, stressing that working on this path requires, in the first place, a concession from everyone, a spirit of responsibility, and placing the nation’s interest above any other interests.


Al-Manafi pointed out that the Council, since the beginning of its work, began to make national reconciliation its first priority, as it represents an essential element in the success of the political process and achieving permanent stability, through the establishment of the High Commission for National Reconciliation, and the launch of comprehensive reconciliation on the 6th of this September, during which several steps were taken to restore Building trust among Libyans.


The President of the Libyan Presidential Council expressed his country’s condemnation of terrorism in all its forms, forms, sources, motives and justifications, stressing that terrorism is a global phenomenon that has nothing to do with any religion or belief, pointing to Libya’s contribution to confronting terrorism at the regional and international levels.


On the phenomenon of migration, the exile affirmed that it represents a great challenge to the international community, and that Libya was directly affected by it and has been facing the continued flow of illegal immigrants across the country, which has caused security, economic and social problems, stressing that the phenomenon of migration can only be confronted with concerted efforts, With an emphasis on respecting the humanitarian aspect, providing protection, and respecting the human rights of this category of migrants.