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Marwan Hamdy is waiting for his fate to be determined in Zamalek

Marwan Hamdy, striker for the first football team in Zamalek, is awaiting the decision of the French coach, Patrice Carteron, in order to determine his final fate with the White Castle during the current summer transfer period.

Marwan Hamdy is waiting for the final decision from Carteron, especially after the player learned that there is a possibility of him entering into a reciprocal deal with a club, which made Marwan Hamdi in a state of anticipation of his fate.

Marwan Hamdy is considered one of the distinguished strikers in the ranks of Zamalek, and the player starred at the end of the elapsed season with the White Knight, which increased the chances of his continuation in the new season, before Carteron considered entering the player in a reciprocal deal.

In another context, the Football Association’s Grievances Committee, headed by Counselor Adel Al-Shorbagy, will hold a meeting in the middle of this week at the Jabaliya headquarters to consider the grievance of the Zamalek Club over the Jabalia penalties against it because of the league shield celebration and the events that accompanied it.

Zamalek Club submitted a formal complaint to the Appeal Committee in Jabalia against its penalties during the legal period stipulated in the regulation, which is 10 days.

The Football Association announced a series of penalties for Zamalek Club after the League Shield celebration, which came as follows:

– Mahmoud Abdel Razek Hassan, the player of Zamalek, was suspended for 8 months and a fine of 500,000 pounds for repeating the excitement of the fans, insulting the union, disrespecting the coronation ceremonies, verbal abuse and contact with officials of the system and the union after the same match.

A fine of 100,000 pounds on Zamalek Club for collective chanting and insults against the elements of the game during and after its match against the National Bank.


- A fine of 100,000 pounds on Zamalek Club for dropping excessive numbers during the second half of the same match, which led to a 3-minute stoppage.


Zamalek player Ahmed Aboul Fotouh suspended a match for receiving a third warning in the same match.


Hazem was suspended in front of the Zamalek player for 4 matches and a fine of 100,000 pounds for unsportsmanlike behavior.