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Outside the stadium.. Hassan Al-Shami is a leader and poet in the Arab Contractors

Away from sports and its stadiums and competition halls, there is another aspect in the lives of players and coaches in terms of individual or team games, this aspect in which the player or coach is stripped of championships and titles, and shows interest in his personal life and hobbies. Arabs.

What are your hobbies outside the green rectangle?

My hobbies are reading, reading, writing poetry or social topics

If you weren't a soccer player, what would you like to be?

If I was not a football player, I would strive to do a freelance job away from the routine of work.

what is your favorite dish?

Me and the food are not between us. Ammar is not the type that when I see a certain food is weaker, as the issue of eating for me is normal.

What do you prefer casual or formal?

The best casual.

How do you plan for your life after retirement?

So far, I don't know for sure I have a plan, but I am the type who does not build my whole life on a specific part. I mean, I think of more than one thing, and I feel that God is directing me to why I focus on it and strive and find the best thing for me.

Who is your favorite star?

I do not have a favorite star in the cinema. The role is the one that will be preferred for me because the same star can present a role that I am not satisfied with, and he can present a role that I love and that I hope to play.