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Q & A.. How did Al-Ahly face the shock of losing the Super in front of the Vanguards?

Events are still hot in Al-Ahly Club, after the football team lost 3-2 to Tala’a El-Gaish on penalties to lose the Super title, a tournament that angered the fans of the Red Castle, especially since it came after the league’s loss in favor of Zamalek in the final meters of the competition, and we review in the following lines Al-Ahly’s steps to confront an earthquake super wasted..

Q: Did Al-Ahly make decisions after losing the Super?

A: Al-Ahly club officials decided to deduct three hundred thousand pounds from each player in the first team, and a similar deduction from the football director and each member of the technical staff, based on the club’s constants and in light of the great support that is provided to the football first team system to achieve the ambitions of Al-Ahly and its fans.

Q: Did the decisions stop there?

A: No.. Al-Ahly officials decided to take some other measures in the same direction until each element returns to provide the return that the club and its fans deserve. A source inside the Al-Ahly club revealed that the Red Castle’s football administration decided to freeze the payment of the players’ and technical staff’s dues due to poor performance after losing the Super title. Egyptian

Q: What about the fate of Musimani with Al-Ahly?

A: Certainly, the relationship has become not good between Al-Ahly and Musimani. There is a state of anger between the management and the South African coach due to the repetition of his mistakes and his failure to learn from them, despite the strength of the team he owns, as the administration provided "Laban Al Asfour" to the coach in terms of new deals and departed players.

Al-Ahly administration will not initiate the dismissal of Musimani at the present time, but it has settled on overthrowing him with the first new stumble of the Red Genie. Because of his anger at the announcement of the punishment in the media and his failure to inform him of it in closed rooms, which Musimani considered to reduce his prestige in front of the players.

A: What did Musimani do with Al-Ahly?

A: Musimani led the red genie in 63 matches, winning 44, drawing 15 and losing 4 matches, and his players scored 127 goals and conceded 46. Musimani achieved 4 championships with Al-Ahly, namely the African Champions League twice, the Egypt Cup and the African Super, and led the red genie to achieve the medal Bronze in the Club World Cup in Qatar and lost the League and the Super.

Q: How will the Al-Ahly Council face the loss of two championships from the football team?

A: Al-Ahly’s board of directors will hold a meeting at four in the afternoon next Tuesday, to discuss many files related to the Al-Ahly sectors, and the file of the football team and the consequences of the loss from the pioneers of the army in the super will be discussed.

Q: How did the players face the Super Loss crisis?

A: Al-Ahly's senior players, Mohamed El-Shennawy, Walid Suleiman and Ayman Ashraf, held intensive sessions with their colleagues in an attempt to reunite and contain the crises before facing Enppi in the Egypt Cup, scheduled for seven in the evening, Saturday, at Alexandria Stadium in the round of sixteen.