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Rare elections in California to determine the fate of its Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom

 California, the largest US state, will witness a rare vote on Tuesday to determine the fate of its Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom, and whether he will remain in power until the end of his term next year, or be replaced by another governor. This vote is known as the Recall Election, and it is taking place for the second time in state history and the fourth at the level of state governors in American history.

 This vote comes, according to the American website Five Three Eight, after a wave of criticism that Newsom faced over his handling of the Corona epidemic, and after months of collecting signatures by opponents of the ruler and then officially announcing last July that the vote was conducted and a campaign that lasted two and a half months to determine whether Newsom should be removed, and if that happens, who will replace him as the next governor of California.

 Polls suggest that the impeachment vote will fail more than succeed, but Newsom may not survive. His stay in office will affect the state's governance, its response to the coronavirus pandemic, and possibly the simple Democratic majority in the US Senate.

 According to polls, 41.6 percent of Californians want Newsom removed, compared to 56.2 percent who want him to stay in office.

 The first question on the ballot paper will be why Newsom should have been removed from office. If the voter agrees to this, the second question will be who should replace him, and choose a name from a list of 46 candidates, and the winner will be the one who gets the largest number of votes. Another top candidate is Republican radio host Larry Elder.

 Should Newsom be impeached, or even close to being impeached, Republicans will undoubtedly see themselves as having the momentum ahead of the midterm elections. But it is not clear how far the results of that election indicate the next vote in 2022. While a party's victory in a special congressional election usually means it will do well in the November election, the outcome of a single election should never be overstated.