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Study: Yoga reduces prostate cancer risk

Exercising has endless benefits for your health, from losing weight to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and many other things, and a new study has revealed that practicing yoga may have anti-cancer properties, as a new clinical trial was presented at the annual meeting. For the American Urological Association, conducted on a group of 30 male patients with prostate cancer who were undergoing prostatectomy, the results were surprising.

The study confirmed that half of the group was instructed to practice yoga twice a week for 60 minutes for a period of six weeks before prostatectomy and for a period ranging between three and six weeks after surgery.

Compared to the study's control group, the researchers found that the yoga group showed lower amounts of marrow-derived regulatory T cells and suppressor cells, suggesting potential anti-tumor benefits.

 Experts also say that if this isn't the only benefit the researchers found among the subjects who practiced yoga, they also found that doing yoga improved measures of overall sexual, social, and physical well-being among the subjects.

Participants who practiced yoga noticed a decrease in MCP-1, a chemical that has been linked to cognitive impairment and various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. With mild cognitive impairment, those with higher concentrations of MCP-1 saw their cognitive function decline faster than those with lower concentrations of MCP-1.

What are the other benefits of yoga for your health?

Incorporating yoga into your regular routine can also give you an improvement in your mood. According to a 2018 study published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine, just 12 sessions of yoga resulted in a significant reduction in anxiety, depression, and stress among the 52 women who participated in the trial.