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The dream has come true.. Mohamed El-Nani reveals a picture from his childhood dressed as a football player

The Egyptian international player, Mohamed Elneny, revealed a picture from his childhood wearing a sports uniform, revealing his love and desire to become a football player since his childhood, until he became one of the most prominent professional Egyptian players.

Mohamed Elneny attached his old photo to another photo after his professionalism with Arsenal, which he shared with the public through his account on the Instagram website, to reveal his early desire to professional football, until his dream was fulfilled and he became a professional player in the English club Arsenal and one of its most prominent players.

In another context, Elneny confirmed - earlier - that watching matches on television does not equal the pleasure of watching from the stadium, adding that the fans are a really important part of this sport, and when they are not there, it is different.

“I miss the fans, because the atmosphere in which the opponent’s fans are against you is 100 percent better than having no fans at all and we spent a long time without them,” Elneny said in statements to the official Arsenal website about the return of the fans.

There are more than 40,000 fans in Arsenal's match against Norwich, which is the first time that the number of fans has been at the Emirates Stadium since March 2020.

Elneny continued his statements: Getting the home crowd support from the fans is a great feeling as well, and we have to play better, for the club first and the fans as well, they are at work all week, then when the weekend comes they want to watch and enjoy their team, and we want To make them come home happy, that's why you play football."