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The government of Sudan: elements of the remnants of the former regime are behind the coup attempt and the situation is under control

The Sudanese News Agency published the text of the statement delivered by Hamza Balloul Al-Meir, Minister of Culture and Information and the official spokesman for the Sudanese government, against the backdrop of the failed coup attempt in the country. The statement reads as follows:

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

The masses of the Sudanese people, at dawn today, Tuesday, September 21, 2021, was controlled by a failed coup attempt by a group of armed forces officers from the remnants of the former regime.

He stressed that the transitional government and the regular agencies are working in complete coordination, assuring the Sudanese people that the situation is under complete control, as the leaders of the military and civilian coup attempt were arrested and are currently being investigated, after the last pockets of the coup were liquidated in the Shagara camp, and the competent authorities continue to pursue the remnants of The defunct regime involved in the failed attempt.

He stressed that the revolution remains and continues to achieve its goals, and the institutions of civil governance are guarded, by the will of the forces of the revolution and the masses of the proud Sudanese people. Glorious December Revolution.

He pointed out that the institutions of civil governance will not neglect the gains of the people and their revolution, and that they will be on the first line of defense to protect the transition from the dark forces stalking the revolution.

He stressed that we will provide you with the full details of the failed coup plot, which tried in vain to turn back the clock. Glory and eternity to the martyrs and the safe return of the missing. Long live the struggle of the Sudanese people. The revolution is enduring and victorious.

It is noteworthy that Nasr El-Din Mufreh, the Sudanese Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments, strongly condemned the failed coup attempt that took place at dawn today, Tuesday, in Sudan, according to the Sudanese News Agency (SUNA).

He said on his official Facebook page: The enemies of the homeland and the great revolution are still trying to abort this great national project, but we will and the forces of the revolution will remain alive, and the attempts of the corrupt remnants of the former regime will not succeed.

Mufreh added, it is time to sweep our political and military institutions away from the "Islamist" junta.

Mufreh called on fellow strugglers from the Resistance Committees, the Change and Services Committees, the Forces of Freedom and Change, and the forces of armed struggle to continue the revolutionary tide - and to renew our determination to guard this noble project.

The Sudanese armed forces had announced that a coup attempt had been thwarted in the country, and Brigadier General Tahir Abu Haga, media advisor to the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, said in a statement to SUNA that the armed forces thwarted the coup attempt and that the situation was completely under control.