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The Times: A British plan worth billions of dollars to build a nuclear power plant to generate electricity

The British government is backing a multi-billion-dollar plan to build another large nuclear power plant in Britain to ease pressure on electricity supplies, The Times newspaper said.

The newspaper pointed out that the British government is now in discussions with the US nuclear reactor manufacturer, Whitting House, about a proposal to develop a new plant in England, Wales.

This project, along with a second nuclear plant at Hinckley Poet, Somerset, will be under construction, and a proposed new reactor in Suffolk, is in an advanced stage of planning.

If the new plant in Huelva goes ahead, it will be capable of enough to supply electricity to more than six million homes, and could be operational by the middle of the next decade.

The newspaper says it has learned that the government is increasingly concerned that current nuclear projects will not provide the energy needed to meet carbon reduction targets.

Britain has seven nuclear plants that provide about 17% of its electricity needs, but this will halve by 2024. Other plants are scheduled to be closed between 2024 and 2030, and even with the new Hinkley Point project, which will become effective in 2027 and will provide electricity For six million homes, the proportion of nuclear power in the grid will decline.

 The Times pointed out that the development of new nuclear power plants in Britain has a long and troubling history, but replacing the plants is important for the future, according to climate advisers to the government. Britain's electricity system will need to be decarbonized by 2035 in order to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

Senior government sources said Business Minister Kwasi Kwartnig is concerned that under current plans, by the beginning of the next decade, the proportion of nuclear power in the grid will be insufficient to provide a reliable base load as gas stations gradually go out of business.