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What is "biotin" and what is its role in maintaining healthy hair?

Many types of vitamins are important for the body, the most important of which is biotin, which is a derivative of vitamin B, and it has been scientifically proven that it has a significant role in maintaining the health of nails and hair and limits their exposure to split ends.

During the Q&A series that “The Seventh Day” presents to its readers, we will learn about the role of biotin in maintaining the health of hair and nails, according to the “webmed” website.

What is biotin?

It is a derivative of vitamin "B", and maintains the skin and complexion significantly, and is available in many foods that are recommended to be eaten.

What are the benefits of biotin?

Biotin maintains the health of the skin, skin, nails and hair, and reduces the chances of falling or cracking nails. Biotin enhances the basic structure of creatine in the formation of hair and nails.

Reducing the chances of infection.

- Regulating blood sugar.

Regulating bad cholesterol in the blood.

What are the effects of biotin deficiency in the body?

There are many damages to the body that is exposed to a deficiency in the proportion of biotin in the body, including:

Unexplained weight loss.

- High cholesterol in the blood.

Exposure to heart health problems.

What is the cause of biotin deficiency in the body?

Exposure to malnutrition, ie not eating foods rich in biotin is one of the most important reasons for its deficiency in the body.

What foods contain biotin?

- Cauliflower.

- Crow's nest.

- carrots.

- the banana.

- The fish.


- yolk.

- Yeast.

- Oats.

- Whole grains.

- Lentils.