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Which is more healthy for the body .. losing weight or fat?

It is common to confuse the terms weight loss and fat loss, for many these two terms are the same thing as they primarily help with slimming, but if you go to the technical side there is a big difference between the two, according to the website "Onlymyhealth".

Weight loss vs fat loss


Weight loss refers to an overall decrease in kilograms, including muscle, fat and water, on the other hand, fat loss refers to burning the amount of fat accumulated in the body to reach the desired goal, both help you shed kilograms, but from a health perspective, fat loss is better Lots of weight loss in the long run.

How do you check if you are losing weight or fat?


There are different ways to track your progress when you are trying to lose a few kilograms and the most popular one is the weight machine, it is the easiest way to maintain the weight you have lost in a period, however, the weight scale cannot tell if you are losing weight or fat.

Therefore, you need to choose other methods of measuring weight such as body fat scale or bioelectrical scales, this can show you the exact amount of fat you have lost from the body.

Why should you focus on losing fat?


Our bodies consist of different components such as fat, lean body weight, or fat-free mass, which includes muscles, bones, water, organs, etc., all these things must be present in the body in equal proportions, when the percentage of body fat increases, it becomes prone to diseases such as obesity High blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Body fat percentage varies by gender, activity level, and age. Maintaining a healthy body fat percentage can make you look more toned and reduce your risk of many chronic diseases.

How to lose more fat from the body


Losing fat is a more effective way to lose kilograms in the long run and is good for our health in general, compared to losing weight, losing fat takes longer but it is worth it because you will not gain the kilograms you lost again in a few weeks, which is common in the case of Weight loss only.

All the tricks and harsh diets that promise quick results only help you lose weight and not fat.

Here are the effective ways to lose more fat:

Eat more protein: Every cell in our body is made of protein, it's the building block of life. Adding more protein to your diet can help increase muscle mass and shed fat.

Do strength training: Strength training can help you burn fat long after your training session is over, and it also helps you build lean mass that makes you look toned.

Eat a well-balanced diet: It is not a good idea to cut too many calories from your diet, as this can leave you weak and lose all your muscle mass.