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Kishida takes over as Japan's prime minister starting Monday

Fumio Kishida, the new leader of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, is preparing to take over the country's prime ministership from Monday, amid preparations to form a new government tasked with keeping the Corona pandemic under control while reviving the battered economy.

On Sunday, Japan's Kyodo News Agency reported that the former foreign minister, Kishida, is also looking forward to strengthening cooperation with the United States; To counter China's influence and counter North Korea's recent resumption of ballistic missile tests.

It is worth noting that Kishida, 64, was included in his election as prime minister by Parliament when an extraordinary parliamentary session is held, tomorrow, Monday; Because the ruling coalition led by the Liberal Democratic Party controls both houses.

Kishida met with Matsuno Hirokazu, who chose him to fill the post of Cabinet Affairs Minister, on Saturday; To discuss the content of a policy speech that Kishida is scheduled to deliver, next Friday, in Parliament after his appointment.

The new leader of the Liberal Democratic Party plans to propose the main policies he called during last month's leadership elections, including establishing a new type of capitalism, and plans to complete his cabinet on Sunday.